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Situated in the heart of Footscray, the Vietnamese Museum Australia (VMA) will be Australia's first museum dedicated to preserving and telling the incredible story of the Vietnamese refugee settlement in Australia.


Once built, the Museum will be a vibrant example of Australia's thriving multicultural scene, and become the seventh venue in the Multicultural Museums of Melbourne network.


The Museum will also double as a state-of-the-art exhibition and multi-purpose community centre - a vital institution for preserving and celebrating Vietnamese heritage and culture in Australia.

Vietnamese Museum Australia

By preserving our history and culture, the Museum will ensure that the legacy of the 'boat people' will be remembered for generations to come.

With this investment, we’ll help build a space dedicated to celebrating the culture and contributions of our proud Vietnamese communities.


This Museum will be an Australian-first –and it’s only fitting that we build it right here in the multicultural capital of our nation.

The Hon Daniel Andrews
Premier of Victoria


The Vietnamese community have aspired to build a Vietnamese diaspora Museum complex for more than two decades. The Museum will:

  • Leave our legacy – The Museum will be a place to remember the Vietnamese boatpeople’s story, their reasons for fleeing Vietnam, and the sacrifices and hardships of those who have come before us.

  • Show our gratitude – The Museum will be a shining landmark for the Vietnamese community to show their appreciation and gratitude to Australia. It will also be a place to give back to the broader multicultural community, as well as a centre to support those in need.

  • Inspire Others – By learning about the incredible story of the Vietnamese boatpeople, this will be a place that inspires people to persevere through adversity, to seize their opportunities and remain resilient in the toughest of times.

  • Pass On The Torch – The Museum will help visitors, especially those of Vietnamese background, to be proud of their heritage and roots, and encourage them to pass down their history, culture, and customs for future generations.

  • Be a Community And Multicultural Centre - The Museum will double as a community centre for Vietnamese-Australians, which will also be open to all multicultural communities.

For those who share any connection to our story we want to show our gratitude and thanks in remembrance and commemoration.


For those who have come to reconnect or learn about their heritage, we wish to take you on a journey of discovery and perspective - one about the value of humanity and courage that people can possess in the face of great adversity.

One that hopefully inspires you to never give up.