Every Vietnamese Australian who arrived here as a refugee has a story to tell.

The proposed Vietnamese Museum Australia (VMA) will be a vibrant multicultural-hub situated in the iconic heart of Footscray, Victoria. It will be a multi-purpose community facility where you will be able to walk through a journey from our past, see our present and be a part of shaping our future.


Experience a vibrant and endearing culture steeped in an extraordinary story; one told from the perspective of more than a hundred thousand Vietnamese Australian Refugees.


To build the first Vietnamese Museum in Australia.


To collect, record and preserve the culture and history of Vietnamese settlement in Australia.

For those who share any connection to our story we want to show our gratitude and thanks in remembrance and commemoration.


For those who have come to reconnect or learn about their heritage, we wish to take you on a journey of discovery and perspective - one about the value of humanity and courage that people can possess in the face of great adversity.

One that hopefully inspires you to never give up.