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  • Khoi Tung Ngo

A Letter to Our Dad


A child's letter written to their dad during Father's Day 2021.

Xin mời đọc tâm tình của những người con gửi cho cha của mình nhân ngày "Nhớ ơn Cha" - Father's Day 2021.


Chao Ba,

It is nearly two long years since we were all together as a family; that holiday in Malaysia at Christmas 2019 seems a lifetime ago in this pandemic age. FaceTime has been useful for staying in touch, but all of us (particularly those living in the UK) are craving to be physically close to loved ones, especially you Ba as Father’s Day approaches.

The silver lining of lockdown is the time available for self reflection, and each of us are acutely aware of how good we have it right now. We have homes and secure jobs, and our own family or circle of friends we can lean on. These are modest achievements by any measure of human endeavour, but they seem to have such value at this point in time.

We don’t say it enough, but the good fortune we enjoy would not be possible without the sacrifices, support and love from you, mum and the extended family.

It is inconceivable to imagine how life might have played out if you hadn’t decided to flee Vietnam by boat to start anew in Australia. And so as a tribute to you, we are making a donation to the Vietnamese Museum Australia this year for Father’s Day so that your story is preserved and shared, because it is a remarkable one that deserves to be told.

With love and gratitude from your children, Huy, Hien, An and Khanh