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The museum is the largest project ever undertaken by our community.


We need your support through donations that will help fund each and every facet of this wonderful building that will leave a legacy for future generations.

We have developed a donations policy that will ensure your donations to the museum are transparent and responsibly managed.

If you are interested in supporting us on the journey of building the first Vietnamese Museum of Australia, no matter the size of the donation we would love to have your support.

Please get in touch with us!

We have DGR Status.

Online Donations will be ready soon, please keep watching this space!

Our Authorized Donation Collectors

You can also donate to us physically! Make sure your collector are those listed below.

Be Ha

Phong Nguyen

Dinh Nguyen


Phong Nguyen

Chair Person/Fundraising Lead

0411 756 552

Diep Nguyen

Content & Collections Lead

0415 747 934

Albert Le

Marketing Lead

0412 174 760

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